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One researcher has uncovered that the Pluckrose and Pullrose names stem from a feudal custom where the rent on land was paid by the plucking of a rose.
According to writings in "Patronica Britannica" there was one such property on the edge of Ashdown Forest (Sussex) in the possession of the Duchy of Lancaster which, as late as the mid 1800's was held by this rental. When it was due, the reeve of the manor would call and pluck a red rose from a bush in front of the house.
The same researcher also claims to have located one William Pluckrose in the Hundred Rolls of Suffolk, dated 1275 while Robert Pluckrose appears in the Subsidy Rolls of Sussex in 1296.
The Pluckrose name appears in medieval times throughout Sussex, Brighton and Loews. It can also be found in other counties as properties held by the nominal rent of a rose occurred in many parts of England from the thirteenth century.
However there debate to this theory as persons who appear in Sussex with both names were in some instance villeins who were unlikely to have held land by such a nominal rent.

Another un-confirmed story has been passed down the generations which links the origins of the name to the War of the Roses. The story goes that the Pluckroses were employed by the kings during this period to, as you might have guessed pluck a rose prior to each side going into battle.
Though, it sounds credible, I have been unable to find any documentation to support this.




Benjamin Pluckrose
Ship: HENRY (1) (Page 49) from England, Thomas Thatcher, Master, Master, Thomas Davis, Surgeon Superintendent
Arrived in Sydney Australia, Aug 26, 1823.
Convicted in Kent (noted Special gaol delivery) 16 Dec, 1822.
Sentenced: Life (Crime not noted)
Native Place: Deptford.
Occupation: Hairdresser.
Age: 23 years old. 5ft tall, pale pocked pitted complexion, black hair, brown eyes.

John Pluckrose
Ship: RECOVERY (3) (Page 43) Master Thomas Johnson, Alexander Neill Surgeon Super.
Arrived in Australia from England 25 Feb, 1846.
Convicted: In Essex for stealing tools. (Noted: "GOOD") Sentenced: Life (9 March 1835), former conviction of 7 months.
Native Place: ESSEX.
Occupation: Wheelwright & sawyer.
Age: 35 years old. Could read & write, Protestant, single. 5ft1" tall, brown complexion, light brown hair, hazel eyes. Blind in left eye, large scar on forehead, breast hairy, scar left cheek & right side of under lip. Scar left thumb, 3 scars on right knee & on left knee, mark of burn on left side of neck.

Records from: Convict indents (Fiche 650 & 716) Genealogical Society of QLD, Australia.


Court Appearances

William Mills was twice indicted for not attending church, the later being in 1686 with Thomas Fallowfield and Robert Pluckrose.
Robert Pluckrose later, in 1694 had a turkey worth 10d stolen by James Ellis who in 1701 was publicly whipped for the theft.

Extract from Watton-at-Stone website detailing Local History of the Village just north of Hertford, London, UK


1649 Indictment of William Clement of Blackmore labourer, there stole a bay mare worth 5 pounds belonging to Jolley Stone. Ignoramus.
Witness: John Pluckrose & Joseph Pluckrose (ASS35/91/1/69)

Indictment of Robert Pluckrose & James Pluckrose of Woodford, labourers at Woodford aforesaid assaulted John Presson senior (ASS35/111?7?715)

1832 Removal order from Chigwell to Woodford for Ann Pluckrose Spinster with unborn child (3 Aug) (Q/SBb 509/62/1,2)

Indictment of John Pluckrose of Lambourne labourer, 10 Sept, 31 Charles Ii, there stole a bay mare worth 4 pounds, belonging to Robert Reeve. Pleads not guilty; acquitted (ASS 35/122/1/18)

1669 Indictment of Rob Pluckrose & James Pluckrose, both of Woodford labourers, 28 Oct. 21 Chas. II there on Highway assaulted John Presson junior with the intention of taking goods etc. Correction for a year. Witness: John Presson senior John Presson jn. (ASS 35/111/7/13)

1665 Information of Margaret Pluckrose of Clavering spinster, who saith that on Wednesday last being in the house of Katherine Collis of Clavering she did see John huddiball of the same come into the hall and thence into the buttery and thence into her bedchamber and as he came out she did see his hand in his left pocket, but whether he took any goods she knoweth not. Mark. Note of her recognizance to appear and give evidence. (Q/SR 405/156)

1832 Removal order from Chigwell to St Leonards, Shoreditch (co Middx.) for Ann Pluckrose Spinster and child with notice of appeal by latter (27 April) (Q/SBb 509/62/1)

1832 Duplicate removal order from Chigwell to St Leonards, Shoreditch (co Middx.) for Ann Pluckrose Spinster and child cancelled on request of Parish officers of Chigwell on grounds that she was not in fact settled in Meiddlesex (3 Aug) (Q/SBb 509/67)

Prisoners in the custody of Ezechiah Lee:- Geo. [illegible] - housebreaking.. [illegible] Rob Pluckrose , James Pluckrose - assualt on highway (T/A 418/170/23) 1570

Inquisition taken at "Cressall" before Thomas Knott, gent., one of the Coroners, on the view of the body of "Marlin" Moysea, aged two years, son of Agnes Moysea of Chesterford spinster, on the oaths of 13 people, one of them being John Pluckrose, who say that Agnes Moysee of Chesterford, on 20 March 1572 between 9 and o'clock in the morning at Cressall, in a field belonging to Anthony Tryg called Sanders Ends, attacked and killed him by drowning him in a pond. She has no goods. Pleads not guilty; guilty (ASS 35/12/6/5)

Calender of Prisoners in House of Correction. Rob Pluckrose convicted of assault on John Preson with intent to rob him and must be sent to House of Correction there to be kept at hard labour for one whole year and then disposed of to a good master or to find good sureties for his good behaviour. (Q/SR 423/70)

Calender of Prisoners in House of Correction. James Pluckrose and Rich Garret, committed the last Assizes, to be continued to my Lord's order. (Q/SR 423/67)

Examination of Huddyball, who saith that he came home to the house where Richard Collis lived, it being his own house, and beingthen about to remove, to see what damage was done to the house, and so went into the hall and buttery but not into the bedchamber where Collis's wife said she laid the money, and as he went out of the outward door he took the key out and laid it upon the "raysen" of the house, and so went to the house of Stephen Norffolke in Clavering and brought him to be a witness of his demanding possession of his house from Margaret Pluckrose who was then in it, but for the 4li. 15s. he did neither see it not knew anything of it. Note of his recognizance to appear and answer; Thomas Huddiball. (Q/SR 405/157)

Indictment of 10 men, one of them Daniel Pluckrose of linton, Cambridgeshire husbandman, 27 May, forcibly entered into 12 acres of land, 4 acres of pasture and 8 acres of Wood, at Pambrush and Twinstead, being the Freehold of Tho, Trotter gentleman and in his possession, and ejected him, and have forcibly disseised and "outheld" him until the date hereof, viz. 15 July. All acknowledge fined 2s.6d.each execpt one who was dead. (Q/SR 349/61)

GAOL DELIVERY Held at brentwood on 18 July, James Pluckrose convicted Winter 22 for assault to remain in gaol. (ASS 35/111/3/112)

Baliffs of Hundreds and Liberties:_ Rob Pluckrose - to be hanged. James Pluckrose to be sent to House of Correction for one year. (ASS 35/111/7/22) 1601

Thomas Pluckrose of Littel Bardfield, let warrent for the pence be made against John Smythe of the same gentleman. (Q/SR 153/2)

Calendar of the Justices of the Peace John Pluckrose acquitted. (ASSS 35/122/1/25)

Extracts from Essex Archives Online website
The above information has in some cases been edited and reduced from very lengthy records. It is recommended to check the source if you need more information than is provided here. There are also Deed's information on the Essex Archives website relating to Pluckroses.

Special thanks to Lesley Murray for providing the Source to the above information


1911 Thames Police Court (London) Appearance of James John charged with feloniously, wilfully, and of his malice aforethought did kill and murder one Charlotte Pluckrose (His wife) Includes statement from Edward Pluckrose. (Son of James John & Charlotte)
No sentence found yet....

Click here to download actual Court Statements

Thanks to George Holdstock for supplying this information




Weekly Journal of 4th & 11th June 1720. Title: FLEET DITCH Robert Pluckrose, an upholsterer at the 'The Sun and Half Moon' was reported as on the occasion of a fire which broke out in his warehouse. He was summoned to appear before the Lord Mayor on suspicion 'that the man had designedly put fire to his own house' it is alleged that the contents were not of the value of 300 pounds although lately insured to the value of 1000 pounds.

Thanks to Lesley Murray for supplying this information

Local paper in Walthamstow 1832. Title: ALLEGED MISCONDUCT OF A CONSTABLE
A lady of very dashing appearance, and ladylike and polished manners attended to complain of the conduct of John Pluckrose (born 1774), a constable at Walthamstow. From the lady's statement it appeared that some days since, she and a party of friends proceeded on a gipsy excursion, and during their perambulations they stopped at a cottage, in the parish of Walthamstow, to have tea; while there an umbrella and a parasol belonging to her disappeared, and suspecting that the woman who kept the cottage, or some of her family had stolen the articles, she was anxious to send for a constable to give them in charge and investigate the matter. Before she had time to send for an officer, Pluckrose was introduced by the parties she had accused, and from this circumstance she was led to suspect that he was not what he represented himself to be. She, in order to satisfy her suspicions, asked him to produce some badge of office, which would prove that he was an officer, but he refused to do so, and by this means she was reluctant of intrusting him with the custody of the party, persuaded that she would not have justice done to her.-Pluckrose admitted that he did not produce any authority on being requested so to do by the lady, but he otherwise assured her that he was a constable.-The Chairman remarked, that he had frequent opportunities of witnessing the conduct of Pluckrose as a constable, and his opinion of him was, that he always discharged his duty in a very proper and officer like manner, and he did not think that there was any thing objectionable, at least nothing that they, the magistrates, could take cognizance of in his conduct on the occasion alluded to. The lady then withdrew. After the laborious duties of the day had concluded, the magistrates dined together. Among many other good things their table was graced by the haunch of a noble buck, presented for the occasion by Mr. Abdy, and which had been killed on his far-farmed Park, at Albyns.

Thanks to Valerie Wright for discovering Constable Johns lineage

Extract from Walthamstow Forest Archives, Vestry House. Walthamstow


Henry Pluckrose, son of Thomas Alfred Pluckrose, born 1881 is the author of a vast range of educational children's books.

Thanks to Joy Stephenson for this information





There is a record of an Edward Pluckrose serving in India from 1891-1892 Madras Barracks (British Library Record: L/Mil/11/92)

Pluckrose's who gave their lives during World War I & World War II

John Alfred
Aircraftsman 1st Class
Royal Aux Air Force
6, Jan, 1941
Pluckrose, A
Royal Engineers
9, April, 1945
Pluckrose E
Queens Own (Royal West Kent)
18, April, 1915
Pluckrose F.G
4th Hussars (Queens Own)
28, May, 1915
Pluckrose G.H
Royal Garisson Artillary
25, Dec, 1915
Pluckrose J.H
Aircraftman 1st Class
Royal Air Forde
6, Jan, 1941
Pluckrose K.G
Royal Sussex Regiment
20, May, 1940

The above information is supplied by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission and is copyright to the Commonwealth war Graves Commission.


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